Trance Writing

I need to write this down. And that is exactly what I’m going to do now.  Continue reading


Chronicles At Hogwarts: Epilogue


We have come to the end. This epilogue is the final installation in the Story Mash-Up project, a Harry Potter themed fan fiction that involves bloggers (Eve, Joan, Trisha, Michelle, Ash, Kaycee, and me) taking turns to write installments in the story following the lives of the characters we create, at Hogwarts. It has been an absolutely crazy ride, with all the diverse characters and the way the story came together. Thanks again, Joan, for coming up with this brilliant idea, and for having us all onboard. So, people, here is the epilogue of the character I created. Continue reading

Chronicles at Hogwarts: Chapter VI

2It is time for me to get my lazy brain up and running. Even though I regret this one and a half month of inactivity, it was absolutely essential.  Anyways, I shall now present to you the sixth chapter of the Chronicles At Hogwarts. Before I continue writing the story, I just want to say that all the five chapters until now have been absolutely stunning, which is mostly the reason I’ve struggled with mine. Continue reading