Hello! My name is Vineeth. Welcome to…

No, this sucks. Sounds so idiotic.

Yeah, okay. I’m a guy named Vineeth. You’ve probably heard of me before. Yeah, uh, from the first line of this page.

awkward silence

We should just move on.

awkward silence

Yes, I do this all the time. Bad jokes are my thing. My bad jokes are sometimes as bad as dad jokes.

deadly silence

See what I did there? Bad jokes, dad jokes! You know, rhyming and stuff, and also dad jokes makes you groan, like this one probably did…. I guess you’re not into this.

deadly awkward silence

I-I’m sorry. Please don’t close the tab, I’ll stop doing this from now on.

I promise.

Let’s get a little serious now. I’m a student currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in computer science. No, I’m not as smart as you think I am. Why? Because I’m an Indian student, studying in India in a college that you probably never heard of. Nope, that’s not biased at all.

A little more about me. I love maths, physics, chemistry, history, literature, movies, and music. I read a lot of books, watch a lot of movies and TV shows, and read really random stuff on the internet. I sleep irregularly, so my head is always constantly acting mad. Sometimes this may be reflected in what I write. No, I don’t need medical attention, thank you for asking.

This blog, this is my baby. This is The Lousy Design.

Please don’t ask me why I named it that. Just attribute it to the madness mentioned earlier.

Here, I write about a lot of stuff. Just go through the posts, you’ll see what I mean. They’re random, and are never sometimes helpful.

You can comment about what you want me to write about, I might even write about it. No, really. I’m often out of ideas, and you can help me out there.

And you can get in touch with me at thelousydesign@gmail.com if you ever want to, and the best thing you can do is to subscribe to this blog and spread the word.

P.S: I read somewhere on the internet that helping a struggling writer by giving him ideas and topics to ponder over and write about will get you into God’s good graces and you won’t ever need prayers in the form of Facebook likes. This means that doing me a favor is essentially doing yourself a favor. Isn’t that awesome?

I should shut up. I’ll be seeing you soon. Do leave a comment though, I’d love to see what you’re talking to the world about.


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