I’m Back, And Here’s Something You (Probably) Should Know

This is not a comprehensive review of a book or a movie or a work of art. This is an announcement post infused with a small fraction of my penchant for ranting and running my mouth.

To my old readers, the ones who follow me, yes, here I am. Back to The Lousy Design. No, I’ve not abandoned the blogosphere. What have I been doing all this while? Have I been writing? I’ll answer those questions in this post.

Here we are. I strongly believe you’re on this blog for the first time, because I know I’ve lost almost all my readers. The last post garnered hardly 20 views over a period of 4 months. The statistics are indicative of excruciatingly low readership but that’s not how I choose to take this.

I like to look at this as a new chance. A fresh start, a rebirth. After two years and 35 posts, I guess it is time to switch things up a little. To bring about some changes that will pour fresh life into what has otherwise been a stagnant and a dead blog.

Well, this is the last post that you’ll be reading on the grand Twenty Eleven theme. I love this theme, it is beautiful and elegant and simple to maintain, but perhaps too simple for comfort. Especially with the direction I want to go with the blog from now on. Although I say direction, The Lousy Design will remain the same at the core. It’ll be about stuff that I want to talk about. It’ll be about way too many things to be about anything in particular. I mean to say that the topics I might write about may be different from the ones I’ve done until now. I’m positive about that because I’ve been doing the basic exercise that most writers who’re unable to find the drive to write do: write down every single idea that pops in my head as a note and end up making a list of such ideas. I went through that list, and I’m confident that things can change, maybe get better. Some good ones are in that list, and that makes me hopeful. Not too much, only a little hopeful.

That’s that. However, this post is not aimed at talking about upcoming changes to the design or the content or anything as such. I want to address the fact that my readership has been on a downwards slope and has almost touched, in scientific terms, absolute zero. I’m not concerned about it, I find it weirdly funny. If you’ve come this down the post, I guess you’re a new reader or one of those people who I know in person. Based on the fact that you’ve come this far down, I’m positive that I know you. That’s cocky but fuck it, no one cares.

Wait, what just happened? Did I just use the unspeakable, despised, unethical, always censored word? Well, yes. I did say that. The F-word is right there.

That’s a new freedom I have. The creative freedom that comes with losing readers is overwhelming. I realize that I now possess the power to express things in a different, and perhaps, a more compelling and a powerful way. Well, it’s not that I got that power now. I always had it, I’ve just been oblivious to how helpful it can be.

I once wrote a post about self-censorship. I’m not sure if I’m the same guy I was when I wrote that. I’ll tell you what the hell I’m talking about.

See, I write a lot of stuff. Well, a good deal. Most of what I write ends up having language that’s profane. Where I come from, such words are not acceptable. So what I ended up doing with most of those 35 posts is heavy editing. I first write a post which is longer than needed, ad then I end up editing the post just to replace each occurrence profanity with its non-profane equal. I’ll admit it, it is a fun thing to do.

But now, I’m tired of it. I had to scrap so many ideas because of my stupid fear of bad reception that I spent this entire year writing just 4 articles good enough to be published. To give you perspective, I published 21 pieces in 2015. 10 more in 2014. That’s 10 pieces in a span 4 months in 2014. This year’s performance is definitely the worst yet. I hope it stays that way forever. This makes me sad.

Not having that creative freedom is not the only thing that’s a factor to this year’s bad performance. There are other things that factor in just as much as the reason stated above. Life is a bitch, there’s a lot to deal with at any given moment. Now that the American Elections are over and done with, things have escalated and shit has hit the roof. America is affected hugely by the decision it has taken, every country will now have adjust their strategy to incorporate an unpredictable maniac that is Donald Trump. But most of all, it is the students in India who are more concerned with what has happened. Most of the students who were planning to pursue their higher studies in the glorious country of the United States Of America are now reconsidering their decision. I’m a part of that demographic. This will be the focus of so many discussions in everyday like for the coming few weeks now. And the past few weeks have been subject to the horrors of examinations, so I guess that explains a lot about the hiatus I’ve been on.

That’s it, I suppose. All this is to tell that I’m back, and the content that’s going to come up has been decided. The blog could have proper direction for a while, and is going to undergo a new makeover. With the inclusion of a few extra words, I’ll now be free to try different ways of expressing. Sounds like fun to me.


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