Chronicles at Hogwarts: Chapter VI

2It is time for me to get my lazy brain up and running. Even though I regret this one and a half month of inactivity, it was absolutely essential.  Anyways, I shall now present to you the sixth chapter of the Chronicles At Hogwarts. Before I continue writing the story, I just want to say that all the five chapters until now have been absolutely stunning, which is mostly the reason I’ve struggled with mine.

Story Mash-Up is a collaborative story writing project where Eve, Joan, Trisha, Michelle, Ash, Kaycee, and me take turns and write a story set in Hogwarts.

Before we proceed, I would just like to take a moment and dedicate this chapter to the memory of Alan Rickman, who will etched into our memories as Professor Severus Snape. Thank you not just for making Severus Snape an immortal character, but also for making him a memory to be cherished till kingdom come.

DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter is a trademark and a property of JK Rowling. The credits for some of the references present in this story belong to her. The words and the non-canon characters were created and therefore owned by the bloggers involved in this project.

| Chapter 1: Indira || Chapter 2: Aislin || Chapter 3: Min Hye |

  | Chapter 4: Yokitori || Chapter 5: Percy |

Chapter VI: Dalton Chase

The sun was up in the sky, shining in all its glory. The trees swayed gently as the breeze ran through them. Dalton Chase stopped, letting the cold breeze brush his face and send chills down his spine. It was a Sunday, a rather lazy one at that. But no matter how the day was, Dalton would start it by emptying his wallet at the Hog’s head on Firewhisky. And like on every other Sunday, he was looking forward to it this time too.

Students were chattering and giggling as they walked along the road. Dalton made his way through the students, and as he was just making his way to the Hog’s Head, he stopped. There was a backward sweep of memory as he looked at those two familiar faces.

What are they doing in Hogsmeade?

Dalton saw them making their way through the crowd as if they were being led by someone. He wondered if they were following someone. As he stood there and watched, they made their way into The Three Broomsticks, and their intentions were clear now.

Screw Firewhisky.

He went into The Three Broomsticks, his body already feeling the effects of Firewhisky deprivation. He sat at the farther end of the inn, but he could still see the two familiar faces, sitting beside a group of students who were definitely not there to drink Butterbeer and have a good time. He watched them as they talked, and he watched the two familiar people keenly listen to them. The kids were idiots, they were too busy talking to even notice that they were eavesdropping into their conversation. But what would two criminals want with a bunch of kids?

He saw them exchange uneasy glances, and as the kids left the inn, they nodded to each other and went out the inn. Dalton knew what they were about to do. Now only one thing was on his mind.

To fight or to firewhisky?


Indira was walking beside Yokitori. She felt sorry for him, it was because of their reckless gossiping that he was tied up in the broom cupboard. Also, if it wasn’t for him, she would’ve never known what the Muggle borns were planning to do. It was a plan bigger than they realized, and Indira wasn’t the main target. Percy, Aislin, Min Hye were walking ahead of them, all of them silent.

Suddenly, Indira looked behind.

“What’s wrong?”, Yokitori asked.

“Nothing, I just thought someone was following us.”

Yokitori looked around. He couldn’t imagine anyone who would follow them, so shrugged off the thought and looked ahead. Percy and Min Hye were talking and Aislin was lost in thought. Suddenly, Aislin stopped and Indira ran into her. Yokitori immediately held Indira’s hand, almost in a reflex. Percy and Min Hye stopped talking and looked at them, but Aislin’s eyes were transfixed.

There was two men at the end of the road, staring dead ahead at them. Both of them simultaneously drew their wands out, challenging the group to a duel. Min Hye was the first one to draw her wand, followed by Aislin, Percy, Indira, and Yokitori. Yokitori knew he would be of no help, so he just slowly slid back. The two men raised their wands to strike first, but out of nowhere, a sudden burst of light hit them both and they dropped to the ground.

“What just happened?”, Aislin asked in a weak voice as Yokitori dropped to his knees, trembling.

The four still standing looked around, hoping to spot the person responsible for that incredibly fast attack.

“What just happened?!”, Aislin asked, but this time only louder.

“You got saved, that’s what just happened.”, said a ruff, scrawny voice from behind Yokitori.

Dalton walked past Yokitori to the people he just took down. He looked at Min Hye, Aislin and Percy.

“Mind giving me a hand?”, he asked them. Percy and Min Hye started to walk with him, but Aislin refused to move.

“Who are you? I’m not helping you unless you tell me who you are.”, she snapped.

“I’m the guy whose Sunday you ruined, longface. Now mind helping us move your fallen friends? They will wake up soon, and when they do, they will come for you.”

She reluctantly went with him and they dragged the unconscious bodies and put them behind a tree.

“Now, moving on. First, let’s get our first year friend here some support. I understand that you people are neck-deep in trouble, so we will go over to someplace safe first. And little Sunshine here will take this money, get into Hog’s Head and get me two bottles of my Firewhisky. If he refuses, tell him Dalton is outside, and that he should wipe the windows to see the outside world”, Dalton said, handing over some money to Aislin who looked at Dalton as if she was forcing herself to stop saying something curt.

As she walked away, Indira and Dalton each gave Yokitori a hand and lifted him up. Min Hye and Percy were curious so as to who Dalton was, but they didn’t bother asking. They were joined by Aislin, who came back with two bottles of Firewhisky. Dalton led them through a crude, almost invisible path and before they knew it, they were near the Whomping Willow.

“Wait a minute, where are we going to?”, Min Hye asked.

Dalton didn’t bother answering. He slowly led Yokitori through the tunnel, and the girls followed him, saying absolutely nothing after they saw how rough and sarcastic he sounded. They followed him into the house and looked around. The windows were boarded up, the furniture seemed ready to collapse. There was an old, dusty bed inside, and a table which was relatively neat. On the table was a box with a few bottles and syringes.

“You live here? In this dead and decaying place?”, Percy just blurted.

“This is the Shrieking Shack, girl. What did you expect this to be, the Minister’s house? This decaying place is perhaps the most significant establishment in the history of this school. Ages ago, It was the home to a very famous werewolf once a month, it was host to an important incident in The Battle Of Hogwarts, so have some respect.”, snapped Dalton.

“What on earth is that? A piece of robe?”, asked Indira, pointing to a piece of black robe encased in glass and attached to the wall.

“Yes, it is a piece of robe. Belonged to someone amazing who died here. We’re not here for history lessons, so hurry and tell me what you kids are up to.”, Dalton said.

Aislin couldn’t control herself. She slammed the bottles on the table and said, “We don’t have to tell you anything. Who are you? Why did you save us?”

“Sunshine wants answers, huh? My name is Dalton Chase, and I like Firewhisky. I saved you because I don’t like the Glendale brothers and they don’t like me either. As for why they don’t like me, that’s an entire different story altogether, we’d have to talk about my exploits as an Auror, which I’m not willing to. I realise this has something to do with Miss. Brown Werewolf here.”

Indira was shocked, no one ever picked up onto that so quickly.

“H-how did you k-know I was a w-werewolf?”, she stammered, struggling to get the sentence out.

“Used my eyes to look at you and my brain to process your expressions when I said ‘werewolf’ while I was giving you people a crash course of this decaying house’s history.”, he said, without even looking at her.

He continued, “Before anyone asks me any more questions, will someone please tell me what the hell is going on? You people came close to being captured today, and werewolf here was definitely going be in deep trouble. From the looks of it, she still is. Kid, you all right?”

Yokitori nodded weakly, this was not where he was supposed to be right now.

“Fine. I’ll tell you what happened.”, Percy said, and started off the entire story from the beginning.


Dalton sighed.

Should’ve got some opium.

“Let me just tell you everything you told me. Indira here is a werewolf, the first actual werewolf spotted in Hogwarts in years. Ashley and Alison’s long lost wizard in the family is Theodore Wellick, that power-hungry schmuck who’s vying to become the Minister. The Fleamont incident and Indira’s condition gave Wellick a chance to bring into question the efficiency of the administration of Hogwarts, and also gives a chance to question the Minister’s power. He’s gonna get the Muggle-borns organization to circulate Indira’s photos and spread panic and fear. And he’s going to kill a few purebloods in the school after the full moon day and pin the deaths on Indira, because of course, in the digital world, pictures can be edited. And this will eventually obviously lead to the Headmaster and the Minister stepping down. Then Wellick will become the Minister because he’s next in line and he will appoint a new Headmaster for Hogwarts. That’s what Yokitori heard.”

“Y-yes. That was what Ashley told Ben.”, Yokitori said.

Except for Indira, everyone had come to terms with this.

Indira’s voice was shaking. “What do I do now? You have to help me, please.”, she said.

“Here, take a cure.”, he said, as he handed her the bottle of Firewhisky that was in his hand.

“Now, business. The story you told me is brilliant. It is a great plan, well crafted. But it doesn’t stick. And you know it, Yokitori. So, how about you cut to the chase and tell us all the actual details?”, said Dalton.

Aislin jerked her head so hard that her neck hurt. Min Hye and Percy widened their eyes, while Indira sprayed the wall beside the bed with the drink. Yokitori was trembling, he was a bunch of nerves now.

Dalton’s eyes pierced through Yokitori’s eyes and into his skull. “You people fooled Emily into thinking that it was just a Muggle-born organization. That was great. You weren’t there to do your Constellation assignment, you were keeping watch. You didn’t gasp because you were surprised. You gasped to let the group know they were being overheard. And they smoothly changed the conversation. They lied. You weren’t kidnapped by Ashley, nor were you bound. You didn’t overhear anything. And of course, you were responsible for the Glendale Brothers to be there. You suggested that this discussion be done outside the castle, didn’t you? You told them the castle wasn’t a safe place. Part of the story is true, and part of it is false. You’re Japanese, and I’m sure Light is your favourite character. But, remember, he lost in the end. There are about 8 days to full moon, and you better spit out the entire plan now.”

Yokitori was trembling harder, and he was sweating. Dalton was looking at him with a superior smile, letting the drink burn his throat.

The only thing better than having a firewhisky is watching someone else feel the burn while you’re drinking it.

So, what is the actual plan? And how will they stop it? I had to write a big one, considering all the loose ends and the complete absence of Dalton in any of the previous chapters. Kaycee will be doing the last chapter next Sunday, and it will be one hell of a ride.


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    • Well, you created one seemingly innocent character, and I couldn’t resist using him in the plot twist. Haha, no, I’m not sure about me writing thrillers, I do fiction very rarely. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!


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  9. Wow Vineeth, talk about a twist! I love it! Sneaky Yokitori’s been living a double life all this time. I also enjoyed Dalton’s sarcastic attitude, it fits his profile well! 🙂 KayCee has a REALLY difficult job now xD

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    • Hahaha, thanks! The twist was an idea that struck me at a time I was struggling to come up with a decent ending. Yokitori, clever kid that he is, has been living a really smooth double life all this time. And as for Dalton, well, I thought he would’ve been a difficult character to fit into it, but thanks for setting up it well. I would hate to be in Kaycee’s place, but I’m sure she’ll come up with something amazing.

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  10. OH. MY. GOD.
    This is incredible, Vineeth! I was secretly hoping Yokitori had something to do with the entire situation and HE DID AHHHH HE DID!!!
    This is an insanely good chapter. I can’t believe it’s over soon, argh the pain. Thank you so much for this! I can’t wait to see how Kaycee K wraps everything up 😀

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    • I’m glad you liked it. Yes, Yokitori was someone who seemed perfect for something like this, and I couldn’t resist grabbing the chance. This was actually pretty fun, and thank you for setting up the perfect scene for me. It couldn’t have been any better. And yes, Kaycee’s chapter sure has me excited.
      Thanks again!

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