Being A Writer Is Bad

Yes. That’s true. Don’t be a writer.

If you are, be a writer privately. Because being able to write is one overhyped talent, if you can even call it that.

I realised that a week ago, even though I knew it when I started writing. I don’t really see why people find it amazing that someone can put a point across using words. Anyone can do it. It’s just words. Random letters clumped together make up something which has a meaning. Those random groups when put together make up something called a sentence, which has the capability to affect people.

The Lousy Design is a blog which makes no sense at all. And true to the pointlessness of its existence, the traffic has been considerably less than other blogs which started off at around the same time. And until September end, it was all fine. Less traffic, no regular readers, rare likes. This extended until mid October, with my guest post drawing the first five views in about 20 days, which were the only ones until then.

Then, due to a one single post by a friend on Facebook, the readership rocketed. At least in terms of hits. I had gotten 153 hits on a single day. That’s more than any month. And right now, there are 238 hits this month, and I haven’t even written anything.

And I had messages from people telling me what a wonderful writer I was, how amazing I am with words, and stuff on the same lines. All this is actually psychologically disturbing, because to do something anyone can do, and receive praise for it feels weird. How hard can it be to take a paper and a pen, and let the hand glide?

I don’t have a target audience. I don’t write for you to read and feel. If you have something to say, I will gladly listen to you. I write because I want to write. So, whenever someone’s telling me I’m a good writer, I wonder if it is the English that appeals to them, or if it is what I’m trying to talk about.

Why do I write? I don’t know. I guess I like the default font on a notepad. I guess I like the sound of the scribbles of a pen on a paper. These are my reasons to write. I don’t write to make a difference. I don’t write hoping to make you think. You are one user, who’s surfing the internet, which is filled with thousands of websites. And you landed here somehow. The probability of that happening is very small, negligible. And when you tell me you like it, it disturbs me because even from a logical standpoint, it is virtually impossible. And yet, it happened. How random is that?

So, if you’re an old reader (even though you follow this blog, you probably don’t ever open it), or if you’re one of those people who’s significantly contributed to the 238 views this blog has had this month, and if you like what I wrote, I want you to think, are you really impressed with what and how I write, or are you just impressed that I did something that you can do before you did it? Think. If you’re interested, come back with an answer.

P.S: If you’re one of two people who has a blog at WordPress after reading mine, I want you to know that I think what you did is a brave move, and I can’t wait for exams to finish. I have to see you write.


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