Using A Mirror, Too Lazy To Look Back.

Yes, that is seriously the title of this post.

I’ve been way too busy and bored to death to notice that I’d written only one post for August. College work is exhilarating and occupies my mind all the time, which means even when I’m sitting doing nothing, I’m actually thinking about some or the other event that’s going to take place soon. While it has eaten into my writing and sleep time, it has helped me get rich (not as rich as this line makes you think).

But August’s past. Now comes September. Then October, followed by November, December and so on. You get the idea. Anyways, this September is kind of a landmark for me, because The Lousy Design came to existence this month last year. No, I don’t know the date, and I’m not even going to check it out.

Most of the rest of this post will be an annual report consisting of some stats and achievements of this blog.

So, as of now, 10:45 PM IST, this blog has 840 views. That’s an average of 70 views a month, 2.33 views a day. Which I think is amazing. I mean, come on, for a blog like this to exist is a miracle, and 70 views a month is simply unbelievable. However, I look at other blogs which started off about the time I started, or even a little later. And they have traffic so far superior than mine that sometimes I imagine myself in a reversed Gulliver’s Travels story. You know, I’m the single Lilliput washed into a land full of Giants. Thank you, Swift, for that wonderful image you created in my mind.

25 posts, spread across various topics just because I couldn’t bring myself to write something consistently, make up this blog. Movies, books, TV shows, exams, sarcasm compose most of the blog, but there are others which I don’t know where to categorize.

There are 34 followers, most of them silently crawling through the blog, like a hungry cat looking for the tiniest piece of morsel. I can’t believe I just said that.

And after the last post, I got two notifications from WordPress, one for telling me I had 25 posts here, and another one came a week later telling me I had achieved 50 likes. Whoa. All I now need to achieve is to be Freshly Pressed, and that’s it. I can live in peace. When I grow old, I can just tell kids that I was featured on the Freshly Pressed page in WordPress, like Sindbad telling Sindbad about his wonderful voyages.

Now, since one year has passed, I believe it is time to make some changes. For one, the email address for correspondence will now be Any correspondence will now happen there, because, well, I have way too many emails coming in everyday and this will be an easier way to talk to people who reach out to me (one, so far, and it wasn’t a person).

Also, until now, blog promotions have been on my Facebook account (which has given me a decent number of views), Twitter account (which has given me two views, if I remember right) and my Google+ account (even a guy with no hands can count the number of views through the account on his fingers), and Goodreads (it has failed dismally). So, there will be no more promotions anywhere except my Facebook account. Maybe I should create a Facebook page. On second thoughts, this seems like an extremely bad idea, so it is a definite possibility.

So, what’s in store? Well, this blog will continue to be what it is now. It will be pointless, sarcastic, and will sometimes be serious. I will write at least two times here a month (hopefully), and like I said in the first post, I would love to listen to your views. And like I said in the About page, I will definitely read and consider your suggestions (because I’m ALWAYS skeptical of whatever idea I get), and work on them if I think it is brilliant and in my league.

That’s what I have to present here. My other projects include a guest post for one amazing blog, and, well, nothing else. I’m jobless. So if anyone out there has an offer I can’t refuse, then make it. That’s something new this year. I’m open to writing guest posts for other bloggers, because I now think I have sufficient experience and skill to articulate my point well enough.

This one year has been a lot of fun, but you should know that I’m just getting started.


4 thoughts on “Using A Mirror, Too Lazy To Look Back.

  1. I chanced upon your blog from the pessimism guest post you wrote.Btw, that post was good!Guest posts seem to be much better than any other way of putting out your blog out there since you are doing it with your content instead of a hey, check out the blog. But here’s to slowing reading thru the 24 posts I missed.


    • Thanks. I didn’t write that post hoping I’d get new readers, something which was clearly reflected in the stats. But now I have a new reader, and that’s something to be cheerful about. Your blog is just opposite to mine, and so, you too have a new reader.


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