How To Make Long Blog Posts Short

The answer? You can’t.

The reason? Nothing, really. You just can’t.

I’ve tried to write a short post this time, something less than 500 words, and I’ve failed three times now. I’ve been busy with exams, as my earlier post must’ve indicated, but now, I’m free and ready to write something.

I’m so sick of writing about not writing. It’s just that, my WordPress reader is filled with posts, most of them sensible, few of them being excellent.

Now and then, I see a post which is hardly 100 words long, and has a couple of lines saying something. It might make sense to people, but most of the time, I was unable to decipher the meaning behind it.

Or maybe that’s just me, the guy who likes to read long stuff. But if you’re trying to write stuff that’s small, really small, try putting it in a haiku or a poem or something like that. Words arranged in patterns are often more useful in driving the point home, unless of course, you do not have a point to make. In that case, you can make it small, and save your time and people’s time or you can write something random, unrelated, stupid, and make it long. Waste people’s time. Your time will not be wasted, because you have to put a lot of effort to write something that’s irrational and makes sense. That’s so fun.

To watch movies is fun. And to watch good movies is way better. I’ve watched three movies already, in four days. I’ll give a review, maybe, of some of them soon (only the good ones). Also, this week will have me sit and read a lot (I’ve got good stuff planned ahead.)

Whoa. Dancing in heels is tremendously difficult. But to watch guys do it, it’s hilarious and amazing. I hope those heels don’t break, it’d be a shame.

Anyways, take care of your dogs, and then your loved ones. Check for bubble gum on the roads, I saw a guy today whose Nike shoes had a huge amount of chewing gum on the sole.

This exercise has been a lot of fun. Thanks for co-operating. See you soon.


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