Time To Slay Some Ants.

Yes. That’s right. Exams are on.

And I’m all set and raring to go. This should be fun.

I went to Delhi on the 19th and came back on the 25th. And exams started from the 27th. I am now in the middle of the first half of a very tight schedule, the tightest I’ve ever been in. I have a lot to ‘learn’ to crack the exams and that extends to every single subject that I’ll be facing this semester.

And you know what? I’m loving and hating it.

I’m loving the fact that I’m figuring out stuff that I don’t know anything about. This is quite exciting and frankly, a little difficult. The part I hate is that I’m supposed to write the exam the way the lecturers want me to. I mean, I have to memorize and reproduce what they want to read, and that’s so stupid.

But that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Exams in India are often like that. Teachers urge you to ‘understand the beauty of the subject’, ‘try to imagine how exciting it was for those scientists who worked hard to find out that principle’ and ‘discover new concepts and apply those in real life to help make the world a better place’ and then they point out the stuff that will ‘definitely appear in the question paper’ and they tell you to ‘write the answer exactly as you’ve just written in your notebook to get full marks’.

I love how most lecturers can deliver excellent contradictory statements within a few seconds.

This is how your teachers will help you before theory exams. Those statements may not have a 100% success rate, but they are often quite useful for you to score marks.

I really don’t understand what exams are here to determine. Sometimes, it feels like a massive state level search for the guy with the best memory power, who will then be trained in advanced memorization techniques so that he’ll get a Guinness medal in a field that actually matters to a large portion of the Indian population. If it was memory power you were testing, why not ask him to memorize a yellow pages book. That’ll probably be the most useful information in his brain. If you have any issues, he’ll be the man to go to, who will then take you to the man to really go to.

Wow. Right now, the WhatsApp group of my class is buzzing with stuff about tomorrow’s chemistry exam and I’m here, searching for the torrent of a movie I badly want my parents to watch.

Let me just give you a quick glance at what I’m doing now, and why I’ve been off the grid for a couple of weeks.

Read this only if you think it’ll be worth it.

I’m re-reading a story that I’m writing for a friend who wants to make a movie out of it. And I’m getting nowhere with it. He’s been pressurizing me for some time now, but the schedule is way too tight to even accommodate an extra, insignificant activity.

That Delhi trip has been the reason for my absence this month. It was my first trip to North India, and it was good but, uh, unsatisfactory. I’ll probably write about it soon, and it will not be like a travel journal or something like that.

Again, I’m unsure about writing it, so don’t get your hopes up.

Yeah, I sound confident that you are already a regular reader of this blog. That’s because I have 31 followers, a number way more than what I imagined, a number which happens to be 15 less than half of one less than the number of followers I have now.

That was a nice calculation, wasn’t it?

Anyways, I’ll be back soon (presumably during exams), with (hopefully) something new and exciting and interesting. Until then, happy exams to me.


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