A Little About My New Friend.

Sorry for not posting all these days. Been busy with a lot of college work.

And my Kindle.

It came to me on the 9th of January. Sometime in the end of December, I participated in an elocution competition. Long, stupid story short, I won the competition, with the help of some luck, my unpredictable memory power, many bad participants and my college’s sloppy organisational skills. All of this happened on the 24th of December.

A few days later, I got the news that I stood first, and to my discomfort, receiving a uncommonly loud applause from my class. The best part, however, was going to the principal’s office, and going back home richer by Rs. 6000 ($ 95).

I invested all of it into the Kindle that is beside me now, taking in new books.

I told a friend of my plans to buy a Kindle. He gave me a negative review, telling me it was a waste of money, and that I’d do better to buy a tab or something like that. I’d already talked to many people about buying a Kindle but it wasn’t useful, because none of them knew the existence of something whose only feature is to let you read books. So, the only review I got was a negative one.

People argued against the decision of getting a Kindle. Why would someone want to read a book about 50-60 times the price? An e-book reader cannot recreate the experience of reading a book, they argued. Anything with an ‘e’ before its name implies for ‘fake’ or ‘not’, they said. Books are always nicer than screens, they said. Why did I decide to waste my money, they asked.

And when they saw it, they immediately realized a few things.

I was reading on a screen. But it wasn’t LCD. Our phones, tabs, TVs are all LCD screens. they all require constant voltage. Also, back-lighting takes a lot of energy, which is why the most common power saving tip is to keep the brightness as low as possible.

However, The Kindle is not so. It uses electronic ink. And the screen has the texture of a page. The effect is so wonderfully astonishing, that for a minute, I was unable to believe that there wasn’t any screen cover. It has got to be front-lit, which means the only thing I’m missing is a clip-on light to read during the night time.The front-lit feature means that you can sit anywhere with sunlight, and read an electronic book. How awesome is that?

Then came the matter of file type. And uploading a file into Kindle. What they didn’t know and I didn’t tell, was that it reads PDF and Kindle formats. Uploading can be done via USB, or directly from the Kindle store. Or it could be done by emailing the file to the user Kindle’s ID (<username>@kindle.com).

Now, battery power. How long does it last? Hours? A maximum of two days, maybe.


It lasts for weeks. A month, if you do not use Wi-Fi. How cool is that?

Number of books? Right now, I have 80 books, and enough space for at least another 1000. It allows me to take notes, highlight sections from a book, and gives me instant meanings from dictionaries, and lets me access Wikipedia when Wi-Fi is available.

The Kindle is not just any other thing. Having more than 80 books and weighing 191g, it is amazing to carry and read books on what I call ‘The Precious’. For geeks like me, this is a boon. Life becomes much easier and infinitely better.

If you don’t have a Kindle, stop reading, open another tab, and buy a freaking Kindle now. RIGHT NOW.  My Kindle is my new best friend, and if you get one, you’ll develop an emotional connection with it, too. That will be the best relationship you’ll ever have.


One thought on “A Little About My New Friend.

  1. Ooh, I love seeing another Kindle convert! I’ve owned a Kindle since the first generation. I won’t tell you how much I paid for it, but it cost more than my current PC. And worth every single penny! I never go anywhere without a Kindle in my bag.

    I love my iPad, iPad mini, and ginormous iPhone 6+, but they aren’t e-readers. When the price came down with the latest generation, I bought them as gifts for my mother, sister, and daughter. We’re all on my account and share books.

    In America, the access to free books is huge. My library has a lot of e-books, and I have access to the 3M Cloud Library through them. I bought a Kindle Fire specifically to use TTS, because I don’t always have access to the audiobook of a title I want to read. Yeah. I’m all about reading.


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