Bad Start To Every Year

Three weeks down in 2015, and I’ve been at home for about one week now. Exams start from the 21st, so about a week ago, I drew up the plans to study. And I’ve followed most of it, and now I’m on track.

Since this is the month of exams, I have to take a break once in a while, otherwise working diligently will be a lot difficult than it already is. So, my only refuge right now are movies. And I’ve watched a couple of them in the last three days, but I’m not talking about them today.

The study plan wasn’t hard to follow for the first three days. Then, I started getting stressed, so I went over to a friend’s place to watch Winter’s Sleep, a Turkish movie with a running time of 195 minutes. It is quite good, which is the same thing you’ll say if you sit through it.

Because of the movie, the schedule got a little distorted, but I covered it the following day. So, everything was on track. But yesterday, a classmate came over, asking me to explain to him a whole subject. 5 chapters. Which I had already completed a couple of days before.

I didn’t want him to know that I’d already done it, so I sat with him for 4 continuous excruciating hours and taught him everything. Which was a huge blow to my study plans. I stuck to it, though, and ended up doing half of what I was supposed to do.

And forward to today. The first thing I did after waking up in the morning was making a mental note to complete yesterday’s and today’s stuff. That was at 9 in the morning. A couple of hours later, I’m with my dad and we’re outside. And then I come back home at 3 pm. Lunch, and at 3.30 pm, I start playing Age Of Empires. That goes on till 4.30.

Suddenly, I remember my plan, and I sit with my book. Half an hour passes. I now feel sleepy. So much that I know that continuing is an impossible thing. I fall asleep at around 5 pm and when I wake up, it is 5.45. Books out again, and by the time I finish yesterday’s stuff, it is 7. Friend comes over at 7.15, and I go to his place to watch Whiplash. Coming back home: 10 pm. Dinner and other stuff: 11 pm. Falling on bed, unable to sleep, and now the date has changed.

All this tells me one thing.

January is the anti-scheme month.

January is the month which makes us plan ahead, and it is also the month which presents the worst difficulties. All of us hope that the new year holds something special in store, and we plan to make the year productive and beautiful.

Most of the people who drop out of their plans are the ones who are January’s victims, victims of unexpected and bizarre setbacks. I’m a fan of Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, and I now think The Joker was actually speaking for January when he says:

I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are.

Or when he says:

I just did what I do best. I took your little plan and I turned it on itself.

Now, should I go according to the plan today? Or not? January is a cunning month. If you don’t have plans and you start doing whatever you feel like doing, then January will make sure that you take the wrong decisions.

If you’ve had a unsatisfactory January for as long as you can remember, then I guess you’re unfortunate to be in this universe. The only thing you can do is to make a decision: Do you want to make plans and let January screw up the month, or do you want to live January without planning and then go ahead with something for the rest of the year?

Answer that question to decide what you want the cunning month to do to you.

I know. Personifying a month feels really weird.


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