Last Two And A Half Months

No, this is not another movie review. But something will probably pop up next month, because I’m watching something I’ve wanted to for a long time, and if I feel like it, I’ll take you on a round of those movies.

This week’s post is about, um, about nothing specific.

It has been 2 months and 14 days since college started. Which means that I’ve been subjected to a round of exams, and have in me instilled a sense of impending doom about the next wave of exams which will hit me in January. But all of that is not actually worth talking about.

Around 5 months ago, I was told that college life would be cool and awesome. That there would be nothing like these 4 years. Whoever said it, they were right about the second part. The first part? Not quite.

Honestly, a 90 minutes bus journey in the morning and the evening is very stressful. And by the time I reach the college, I’m out of juice. Somehow, 3 hours pass and it is lunch. I replenish myself from The Oracle (lunch, and a Dairy Milk Chocolate) and get ready to tackle another grueling 3 hours. And then comes the most awaited part, the journey back home.

I’ve got many friends who are enjoying college life, and they talk as if they’re at the highest point of their lives. Probably because they are in better colleges than me. Good for them.

The exams earlier this month were quite easy, and that’s why I enjoyed them more than I enjoy everyday college life.

No, really. I’m writing all this after the results came out. I’m careful at things like this.

But I’m not proud of that. I’m tired of exams, and the only way I know to get rid of them satisfactorily is to ace them. And that’s what I did.

But there’s something I’m really proud of. On the first day of college, I realized that I would have to do something to make the bus journeys less stressful, if not enjoyable. And then I started doing what I do best.


I’ve been reading like never before. In about 60 days, I’ve finished 10 books. A statistic which I’m proud of. No one in the bus really understands the concept of reading novels. Sad.

I’ve read books like Atlas Shrugged, The Godfather, The Catcher In The Rye and Gone Girl among others. It is hard to sustain a reading habit these days, especially with a blogging habit and movies and awesome shows and lack of holidays. Reading in a bus in Hyderabad is very difficult, but after a point of time, you’ll adjust. And then pick out good, lengthy books. To be frank, half the journey is nothing but smooth road unaffected by traffic. That’s something that works as an advantage for me.

One really stupid thing about college is that phones aren’t allowed. Which means that if you’ve finished a book before the smooth half of the journey is completed, you’ll have to sit through an hour of pathetic traffic. My phone has so many books that I can stop borrowing books from people for about 6 months, maybe.

Also, my bus-mates make great informers. They come up with information of each and every movie out there, and if you just dropped in one of their movie conversations, you can very easily make a list of the movies you should avoid. That’s one thing really remarkable about my college life.

Only two and a half months have passed. All of this may sound pathetic, but it isn’t as pathetic as you may think it is, because of the time for books (and the chocolate really is good).

I’ll not be writing about college anytime soon, so there’ll be no boring articles. I’m writing about college just because I’ve run out of topics, but hopefully, I’ll be back next week with something interesting.


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