I Don’t Know What To Do Now

And it is over. I can now get on with my life.

Yes, I finished watching Breaking Bad. This Wednesday.

That’s not the only thing I’ve accomplished. I’ve also accomplished this:
1) A lifelong of waiting for some other show to be as or more awesome than this.
2) A lifetime of disappointment.
3) A lifetime of desire to buy the deluxe edition CD.

It was some time ago that I first heard of Breaking Bad. I saw a guy on Facebook posting about finishing that show. And then I immediately went to IMDb and looked it up. It had a 9.6. It is rare to see ratings like that. And so, I decided to watch it in the holidays. Up until then, I always thought Sherlock was the best show, and that nothing could surpass it. But, I was wrong.

So, I got the first season from a friend, who also gave me True Detective. Breaking Bad was in my mind, and so I proceeded to watch it first. And I loved it. But, I was still doubtful. With guys like¬†Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as the leads of another show, I didn’t think Breaking Bad would be able to come close to True Detective.

Again, I was wrong.

I mean, True Detective was good, really. But it didn’t have the odd charm that Breaking Bad had. And I was convinced that this show would be awesome. But I just didn’t expect how awesome it would get. The first two episodes were good, but it wasn’t until the third episode that I really felt this show’s potential.

The Plate.

It was a plate that turned my views of the show. And then began an awesome ride with Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn among others.

For those of you who don’t understand what I’m taking about, I’ll put the plot briefly. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a 50 year old high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer. And he doesn’t have the money for the treatment. One day after he received the diagnosis, he goes to a raid with his brother-in-law Hank Schrader (Hank Schrader), the DEA Agent. And he sees the money that they make from selling really low-quality methamphetamine. And he decides to get into the business in partnership with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), a drug addict. And he starts cooking under a pseudonym. All of this happens without letting his wife Skyler White (Anna Gunn) and his 15 year old son Walter White Jr. (RJ Mitte), who is suffering from cerebral palsy. And slowly, things start getting more and more complicated.

That’s it. That’s the best way to summarize the story without spoiling the show for you, in case you decide to watch it.

First off, the cast is awesome. Bryan Cranston is superb, and he totally deserves every best actor award for his portrayal of Walter White, the over-qualified high school chemistry teacher. Anna Gunn does an awesome job as his wife, whose character goes through a lot in the show. Aaron Paul, however, is the best of the supporting cast. He could be called as a lead actor along with Bryan Cranston, but since the show is based on Walter’s struggle to provide for his family, Jesse Pinkman will fall under the supporting actor category. And it is him, after Skyler White, who goes through a lot of trauma. And from the second season, we see Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman- the criminal lawyer, as Mike Ehrmantraut an ex-cop working for Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), the owner of Los Pollos Hermanos, a successful restaurant chain, play a huge role in shaping the story to the last point. And there are a few other characters, who are instrumental in shaping the story, that I won’t reveal, because it’d be too much information about something that can be found easily.

One thing about this show that sets it apart from all the other shows of our time is its black humor. There are great examples of black humor in this show, and one of them which stands out is Walter’s family having a discussion in a hospital’s cafeteria about the unhygienic state of the hospital’s fork when there’s a poster on the wall behind them carrying the words “Clean As You Go.” And there are many more things that you can miss, which is why I’ve watched this show very closely. And I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. This show is a treat, and is easily one of the best shows ever.

And the fifth season is just too good to handle. There is an increasing amount of drama and suspense with each episode, which makes the final stages of the series more and more riveting. The fourth season finale sets the bar high, but the fifth season manages to soar over that. 05×14 is the best episode because years of great storytelling reaches its pinnacle, and probably the most aptly named. And it truly deserved that Emmy.

Breaking Bad has been called the best show of television, and rightly so, because it gives each character enough space to develop. This show might be a bit for the present audience to take on, but most of them recognize the genius behind this show and I’m happy they do.

Walter White is a clever man, and it is very difficult to guess what he will do next to get through all the dark times ahead of him. And he does things that one might assume to be out of his reach. And then, it transforms him. And his partner, Jesse Pinkman, who is probably the best sidekick in history. And when Walt silently does what he does, we begin to look for reasons behind it. And in the end, we get all the reasons and answers as Walt ties up all loose ends. And all of it makes sense.


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