The Force That Made The News.

“God bless you.”

That was the penultimate line of Narendra Modi’s speech at the Madison Square Garden, in the presence of Hugh Jackman.

And this is the last line of his speech:

“May the force be with you.”

WOW. That was exactly what Modi said. I’m not sure what he meant by it, but I am pretty sure Hugh Jackman didn’t expect it coming. But it sure got the audience in hysterics. And me, too. I mean, how do you come up with that sort of line?

He could’ve finished that speech in so other many ways. All of those ways may fall under the cliché category, but they still make the ending of a great speech bang on.

He never did that in front of an Indian audience. Why? Simple. Here’s a bullet point format of the correct answer.
1) 90% of Indians do not even know the existence of something like Star Wars.
2) So, it would be pointless to even mention something from there.
3) And among the remaining 10%, 5% wouldn’t laugh at it, unlike Hugh Jackman.
4) The remaining 5% are the people who won’t attend the speech.

Modi is a dynamic man. He has shown himself to be a man capable of changing things, getting things done. And of course, his oratory skills are really good. The choice of words, the structure of his speech and the clarity of his thought is something that has been missing for sometime now.

No, I am not a staunch BJP supporter. But I admit I prefer the current government to the previous one.

So, working on the assumption that this man knows what he is talking, let us try to unveil the meaning behind that stellar last line.

“May the force be with you.”

Explanation 1: For one, since this speech was made in the US, there’s a great chance that the ‘force’ that Modi was referring to is obviously one of US’s greatest strengths: Drones. Drones are obviously one of their strengths that the other nations dread. This is a good reference to drones. And Star Wars is has a huge following all around the world. I think Dan Brown has enough material to start working on his next Robert Langdon book. Just make Robert learn some Aurebesh alphabet, and bam!, we will receive another bestseller.

Explanation 2: If ‘you’ here is Hugh Jackman, then the ‘force’ is obviously the X-Men. ‘May’ is used here because The Wolverine is, by far, the most famous X-Men character. In all the X-Men movies involving The Wolverine, he is given more importance over most of the other characters. In fact, he had two separate movies. He gets to visit most of the world alone, which angers all the other X-men, supposedly. I think that Modi is worried that The Wolverine will be excommunicated. Because if he gets excommunicated, Modi, and all of us know, that the X-Men movies will not be as awesome as they have been. Hugh Jackman is clearly one of the two stars of the whole series, the other being Ian McKellen. And if Hugh Jackman no longer appears on the series, then the series would hardly survive. Here, I applaud Modi’s analytical skills. Or it could be Mr. Shah.

But it is our mistake we didn’t see it coming. I’m serious. If you watched the speech from the beginning, then it is certainly your fault that you didn’t see this coming. The whole thing, apart from Modi’s speech, also had songs, dances and even a speed portrait of Modi. This is certainly bizarre. Who on earth had the idea of a speed portrait? The weirdest thing I could imagine was people singing his praises in the form of a rap song. Possibly, getting Eminem to do it. But speed portrait is pushing it.

Why draw the line there? Why didn’t they make a wax model or something? It would have been great, because it would have sent John Oliver into a bigger frenzy, thereby leading him to go all out and make a much more hilarious set. It would have shot up the show viewership exponentially.

And talking about John Oliver, he told us a couple of his ideas of ending his speeches with movie lines in the presence of filmstars totally unrelated to the movie referred. That makes me wonder if something like this would ever happen in India.

Just imagining Barack Obama, standing with Ajay Devgn, and saying, “Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu?” for no reason at all.
Or someone like Vladmir Putin, standing with someone like Salman Khan, and saying, “Mogambo khush hua.”

Yes, that sounds unbelievably stupid. And it was even stupider for all the people who were at Madison Square Garden. Someday, I hope to do something like that.

Yeah, that’s all for this week. This article has taken some time to come out, primarily because I didn’t find anything interesting enough, and because today was last minute festive shopping day.

Have a good day.

You’re gonna need a bigger boat.


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