This Blog Is Now Active.

It is really hard to write something down. I’ve been staring at this blog for a very long time now, and I have had no idea what to write about.

I started off with trying to write something that would really pull you in and get you all interested, but the line I’ve chosen to start with should suggest to you how badly I failed.

I don’t know how you ended up on this blog (but there’s a very good chance that you came here through my Facebook or Google+ profile), so let me tell you a few things about me and this blog that I just created.

I’m Vineeth (the caption of the blog carries my name). I’m 17 years old, which makes my profession fairly obvious. I am a student, studying computer science. In Hyderabad, India. I like reading books, watching movies (and serials too, thanks to Breaking Bad) and poke fun at a lot of things. So, now you know a little about me.

Okay, now you might be thinking,” This guy is a student from India. Isn’t he supposed to be studying hard all day?” To which I answer: NO. If you are thinking that, then you don’t know what engineering is like here. It is the best way out for easy-going people and hard-working people. The very hard-working people settle on the medical stream and dream to become great doctors and fantasize themselves to be as awesome as the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy (which is sad, because it is a stupid show and none of them are awesome). The rest however, take commerce and fade out. You don’t see them as often as you see engineering and medical students.

So, now you know a little about the society I live in.

And now, lets talk about the blog. This blog is an idea. Someone suggested that I should start a blog and write regularly to sharpen my skills. And that seemed reasonable and it still does. Which is why I’ve taken up this massive project and started this blog. The content here will be spread through many topics, from book reviews to pointless discussions via movies, sports, politics and my feeble attempts at humor among others, because I’ll just randomly write about random things that I noticed. And when I say many topics, it means that I’m and I’ll be trying to get some content out here every week. Yes, the aim is to release a minimum of 4 posts a month, where I’ll be trying to improve my language.

And now, you, the reader, can do something to help me out here. Instead of just reading the blog and silently giggling at the level of the content here, you can just type some feedback in the comments section here or on the networking sites I previously mentioned. It is not going to be difficult, because criticism is something everyone can do. So, don’t be lazy. Read the post, and try giving some feedback.

Since this is the first post, I won’t take the trouble of writing a big, lengthy and a descriptive one because I am a lazy devil. I’ll stop now, keeping it short, and hopefully sweet. So, if you like it, come back every week for more. Bye.


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