Blues Of A Journey

Days pass. The clock keeps ticking and time constantly changes. The world keeps moving and things come to life and die. While things may stay the way they are long enough to make it look like time is just a constant, the sky says otherwise. It manifests the passing of time in a variety of colours, as if it is going through mood swings. Sometimes it turns into a serene shade of blue, that very shade which appeals to the eyes because of how soothing it can be to look at. Sometimes it lights up in a fiery shade of yellow and orange, a color so unique in its own way that it offers itself to interpretation. Sometimes it is marred by clouds, but it still manages to show itself through the clouds, almost as if it is trying to remind us that the clouds can never be big enough to overshadow it completely. Somehow, the sky is human in its own way. Continue reading


An Assorted Lunatic’s Gratitude

Humans are adept at hearing and recognizing sound. The air that carries the sound wave is the medium that encourages our auditory stimulation. This air is all around us, it carries sound waves of different frequencies and brings them to us, to our ears, and we try and understand the sound wave and we judge it for its existence. The particles in the air are disturbed as they carry the sound wave to you, but once their job is done, they go back to a position that is stable, that is definite. This happens with every sound wave that they carry. The sound waves that permeate through the air hamper the particles’ constant pursuit for stability, for rest.

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Don’t Date A Guy Who Writes

You’re a beautiful person, all the guys come up to you at a bar and try to make conversation because they’re naturally attracted to you. You’re the center of attention, you’re the heart of the party. All the hot and the cool guys are figuring out how to talk to you, how to impress you, and how to get your digits. You’re enjoying every bit of the attention because you know you deserve it.

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